Crit at the CrossFit games

I don’t know if anyone caught the coverage of the crit at the CrossFit games today. It was definitely interesting to watch a bunch of non-cyclists give it a go. I do have to say that many of the athletes figured out the concept of drafting really quick. Tactics were garbage, and the athletes were definitely not comfortable riding tight. I was very impressed with their recognition of their limited skills. I wish Cat 4/5 racers would learn from this.

Overall, I have to say that it was a good add by CrossFit Games organizer Dave Castro. It definitely added a bit of chaos to the event and threw a wrench into how some athletes approached the first day. Now, if only a few of them had taken part in our Labs, they would have crushed their opponents.


More footage here:

Surprisingly, they did a pretty good job. Had any of them participated in SkillZ and DrillZ, though, they would have taken the win easily. I was pleased with how cautious they were, but they should have probably googled “cycling tactics” before doing this event.

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