Creating a Structured Workout From Real Race Data using Best Bike Split

Has anyone used Best Bike Split to create a Zwift workout or even better yet a workout I/you can keep in the Training Peaks library?

I would love to re-ride a TT from last year just to see if I can hang with myself and or feel like I can kick my own butt from last year. I know BBS can do that and more, like tweak the course for weather and all that. But really I just want to re-live it and feel the pain just as I performed it and see If I am stronger or not.

I have data from years past on Sandy Hook TT and Somerset TT.



Just looked this up-- I have never used it. Looks like it would be a great tool for replicating the terrain and conditions of race day. I can also see how this can be useful for training specific sections of a longer race.

As for trying to beat yourself, you’d have to also replicate the tapering, if you did that last time.


Yes, I have done it. I actually planned my power profile for IM 70.3 Worlds using BBS and exported it to a workout to practice it. What works better than taking previous data is simply using the gpx file and tweaking the desired result.

I’ll look into that @Coach_Ian. But if I don’t get it this year, it can be a fun project for next year. I have two favorite TT courses I would love to model. They are 7 mile and I think 10-12 miles for the second. Very cool. My first TT is coming up March 31, so I’m looking forward to the “next Lab” plan soon. Obviously there will have to be Outdoor workouts and methods to swap out a training crit race for workout X or a Track training race (VO2 max) for workout Y. Those are my two favorite after work mid week training races.

As for March 31, the course is 10 miles from my house and perfectly marked on Strava. I can certainly get up there soon and do SST and full gas workouts on it throughout March. It is a perfect out and back with minimal traffic. It is a beach peninsula / Island with fresh pavement. Other than chilly water in winter.spring, we are blessed with the terrain and all of us cyclists go there lots for uninterrupted road work and beautiful scenery

Cool Beans

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Email me a .gpx file for one of the courses. I will need your FTP, height, weight, and zip code of the course to get some weather data (not sure if I need that part or not). I’ll build you one to test out how it works.

Will do when I get home. Had a great powder day in Vermont yesterday and good skiing today. Legs are feeling strong!

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