Cortisol measurement without blood draw

Maybe a question for @cullenac… beyond a blood test is there a way to measure cortisol levels? If blood test is the only option, is there a fairly inexpensive tester on the market? Google wasn’t too helpful. Thanks!

I’ve had mine measured a few times but done through a saliva test. DiagnosTechs is the provider of the test. There are a couple of variations of the test: ASI and TAP. The Adrenal Stress Index test will capture the Temporal Adrenal Profile and also a few of other items [DHEA, insulin, etc]. For measuring just the variation of cortisol through the day, the TAP test would get you that info. Last time I had the test [May 2017] it was $75 for the TAP; I think the ASI was about $130. The collection method should be the same for both.

My tests were ordered by an MD and an ND (and a chiropractor who did some functional medicine). Hopefully one of your care providers will be able to get you the test kit.

for DHEAs blood tests can be accurate. for cortisol a blood test doesnt tell you what is free (active) and what is bound (not active) so for cortisol i recommend a saliva test. a good company will measure several markers (e.g. cortisol, dhea, sIgA and some tests gliadin) across several time points in the day and this is super helpful for me when i am putting a strategy together . many tests require authorisation by a practitioner. and interpretation by a practitioner. i use these tests often. it is also crucial to figure what are the sources of stress as they can be many!