Coaches Corner 55 -Mental Skills with Coach Last from Mental Grit Consulting


Hi All! I am sure you will really enjoy this week’s podcast! @mentalgrit takes on some very interesting topics in the area of mental skills for athletes, including:

  • “Mental skills” in sports is not about being “tough” - listen why
  • How do you know whether your mind (and not your physical ability) is what prevents you from reaching your potential as an athlete?
  • What influence does social media have on our confidence as athletes?

Please share your comments below and the link with your friends (and frenemies, as my daughter would say)!

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Hi, I think the podcast on Mental Skills is great, their is a lot of great information, I know i’m Definitely weak in the Mental Area, ( also my left leg after one legged drill). I think social media has a lot to do with it, Strava mainly, because if you don’t go miles and miles or get PB’s everywhere, people can look at it as a bad ride/run.


Loved this podcast; thank you for putting it together.

I will look over my workouts several times especially challenging ones before I dive into them to build up the mental charge and focus that I need. Although this morning my 4 x 1min efforts kicked my butt and I was like this can’t be happening so I dove into the same effort for the 4 x 30s efforts and got them so I dialed up the 4 x 15s efforts to the max becaue I was choked about my massive struggle on the 1min efforts.


This was fantastic! Thanks coaches!


Question: Can you change your athlete personality type over time?
During my younger competitive days, I was totally a kill or be killed player. Tenacious was an understatement! I was a starter in 4 varsity sports all 4 years of high school. I broke someone’s leg sliding into home plate. I loved being on the free throw line down by 1 point in a basketball game with no time left or being at bat in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs. I could be down by 30 points and I would still dive for the ball. In my 20’s, I was a competitive racquetball player. I was in incredible shape in my teens and 20’s. I actually had to increase my body fat percentage to play college basketball. I was a total overachiever in academics and sports.

Today, I’m a total marshmellow (I’m not sure if that is one of the athlete types). Sports to me are now about being with others and encouraging others to participate. Its not about the result and I don’t want to go back to being that compete at all costs athlete. A couple of years ago, I was in a 66 mile mountain bike race and one of the women was cramping with 10 miles left. I slowed down and rode with her until the end. I just saw her at a cross event and she thanked me for that. I would rather ride with new comers and help someone get better than leaving someone in the dust. I still like to challenge myself. But, its now about being in shape, having adventures, and balancing it with the rest of my life.


OMG @Petals! In high school your kind terrified me! Knowing you, even though you are not driven to compete like you used to, you still carry that same tenaciousness and drive with you in the kinds of rides you choose to do. Those crazy gravel and mountain bike events take a certain spirit and are not for the average marshmallow! :laughing:


@Petals, you can change your athlete personality type over time for sure. Generally, it depends on how you see the activity in your life. For you, you hit it on the head. It’s about staying in shape and camaraderie. That usually comes with maturity. I’m not that mature yet, so I enjoy breaking people’s spirits and racing angry. I’m still the moron who goes in hard for a slide tackle in soccer or tries to bury my wife in a heads-up sprint on the way home from riding our cruiser bikes to get ice cream.


@Coach_Ian. I was going to say I tested into the Coach Ian personality athlete type in my younger years. :wink:


I am not sure it’s a personality change or a priorities/perspective change… @mentalgrit, any comments?


@Petals Absolutely! I actually have developing athletes in the high school and college levels take it every 4 months as a gauge of their mental game development. I have seen athletes change personality types due to the different way they perceive their experiences. Also realize that people can be different in the real world vs in the athlete world.