Coaches Corner 54 - Winter Season Racing, Athlete's Imposter Syndrome


Coaches Corner 54 - Winter Season Racing, Athlete’s Imposter Syndrome

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I often pretend to be an athlete!


I often feel out of place because I am usually older than the majority of people lining up. At the same time it is somewhat freeing because I don’t feel like I need to prove anything.

As for my longest trainer ride, you will be appalled. It was summer before last, I knew nothing about how to train and I was preparing for a 200 mile road race. I found a plan on the internet that had two short workouts during the week, one tempo and one SST, and built up long endurance rides on the weekend up to 10 hours by the end. No I did not do 10 hours on the trainer but let’s just say it was a rainy day and I needed to know I could do the distance and 175 miles got me close :flushed: Now I know better and will never ever do that again!


2hrs is the longest I’ve ever managed on the trainer - despite podcasts and an eclectic playlist I still find that I get bored after 90 mins… I need the distraction of beautiful scenery and fresh air to keep me going


LOL Stefanie!! I remember that! We were riding on Zwift together for a while that morning and I asked “how long you riding for today?” I nearly fell off my trainer when you replied back “8 hours”:astonished: :exploding_head::dizzy_face:


Heh, those were the days @meganherzog! I ended up riding a little longer than that. :laughing:


I have no desire to do long rides indoors… my longest ride has been only 90 min. That’s more than enough for me when using the trainer. I love long rides outside in warm sunny weather climbing mountains!

Regarding bike fit, in the last OdivaZ race, my husband recorded a little clip of me riding and as soon as I saw it I noticed my hips rocking way too much. I checked my saddle height with my last fit numbers and it had moved down quite a bit (10mm) :flushed:. I probably didn’t tighten the screw enough when I put my bike together from the last trip. I now put some tape around the seat post to know if it starts moving down.


Crazy how that can happen!! Glad you checked!