Coaches Corner 53 - Measuring progress, taking a week off training


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  • Progress and results from training are not linear
  • Measuring training progress
  • How nutrition can help with progress
  • Why taking a week off your typical training can be beneficial
  • Sample “maintenance” training week while away
  • Staying healthy - What’s in your medicine cabinet?

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Hey Gang. Just gave the podcast a listen, actually watched it for once. Wow I can’t believe how Evil Ian looked!

I just happen to be in Florida off the bike taking care of Mom at at time where my fitness is plenty off my best after many interruptions in training the last few months. That said, I feel great, and I’m hungry for our December 10th lab where we go in core strength mode.

I’ll see you then with bells on.


Great to hear from you Dean! Glad you are feeling great. The next lab starts on December 10 and here is the link to sign up! It is 6 weeks long and we are offering it at a special price!


Hi @Coach_Theia do you have a date for the start of the lab which follows transition lab? I was wondering what period of time we have to fit the 6-week lab in, whether there is a week or more gap as I’ll probably be away from the bike for a week or so around Christmas and want to plan my training.


Hi Michelle,

Yes, it’s on December 10th. Not to worry, we can always work around your schedule. Here is the link to sign up:


Yes, it’s amazing how such an attractive man isn’t on every magazine cover. I totally understand your surprise @Dean.


Looking forward to the transition Lab! Just a quick question, being a bit obsessed with TSS, is there a general percentage of TSS we should be looking at through the recovery period. For example, if normally you’d have a TSS on average of 600 say, should it be half that… or does it not work like that? Maybe I just need to turn off strava/trainingpeaks!?:rofl:


Hi Sarah, as you suspected, it does not work in terms of TSS. We will incorporate strength training off the bike, and many skills-based workouts on the bike have a low TSS but it challenges many different muscles. I encourage you to not worry about TSS for the next 6 weeks, and go with the plan. As always, we are happy to guide you with any deviations to accommodate stuff that you have going on.


Makes sense, thanks @Coach_Theia