Coaches Corner 52 - Pre-training snacks, winter motivation, strength training


Hello everyone! This week’s podcast is out, and in it, we discuss:

  • Pre-training and post-workouts foods/snacks ( see related discussion here: Pre and post training snacks
  • Winter training motivation
  • Strength training in the off-season
  • Electrolytes

#offseason #postrecovery #winter #motivation #endurancelab
#fastedworkouts #fasadapted #highcarb #lowcarb #weighttraining #cycling #triathlon #preworkoutsnacks


video disabled?


I am not having any issues playing it… anyone else?




This is what I see.


@MarcnotMatt if you press on the “watch this video on YouTube” you should get a new window and the video will start playing.


Thanks, Covi. I’ve got it now. I’ll save it for tomorrow’s workout.


@Coach_Theia when a video is uploaded into YouTube there’s a setting under the advanced options (after clicking on edit) where you can allow embedding and that should solve the “issue”.


thanks covi ill make sure we have this checked. It seems to be an issue with live-streamed videos but set as default on uploaded videos


@Coach_Flo and @Coach_Ian are there more videos etc for the strength training you guys were talking about in the podcast?



I am working on them. I have to find time to film then when the gym is not very occupied. It’s frowned upon to video other people for some reason. You can find some in the Endurance Lab Strength library on the YouTube channel.



Sounds good. I’m looking for a steady routine from Tuesday to Friday. Trying to keep some variety but with the anchors of pull ups/ rows, bench press, deadlifts.


Are there going to be alternatives for those of us who don’t have gym memberships and/or access to equipment?


Guys, on the next Lab (starting in 2 weeks) we will incorporate strength training just like we did last December- with workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment. The strength program Ian is piloting is separate/different, and it requires gym equipment (@Coach_Ian please correct me if I am wrong). Once we finish the pilot stage, we will roll it out as a program for those interested. Please be mindful of adding on strength workouts on your own on top of cycling training if you are not experienced… Hope this clarifies.