Coaches Corner 48 - Fueling for the Cold and Commuter Gear


Timely topics in this week’s podcast:

  • Gear for riding in cold weather
  • How to eat and drink for cold weather rides and workouts (before, during, and after)


Hi Gang. Off topic question. How do you set up a second monitor or iPad or session to watch your ride from say the airial view? Do you log in with a second account and just watch? Can I make a trial account and just watch and never ride from it?

Just wondering as I know you all have complex setups and I’m using a very simp,e setup.



In addition to front and back lights on my bike during my commute, in the dark mornings I have a flashing red light on my ankle. I was told that drivers see flashing lights that move better than they see ones that are stationary. Not sure if it’s true but I like to have my bases covered! I also have purple spoke lights :smile:

And perhaps out of paranoia, whenever I go out on my bike I have emergency contact info on my phone, on a card in my saddle bag, and a Road ID silicone bracelet on my wrist.


Hi Dean! If I want to have two different, simultaneous views of my avatar in two separate monitors, then yes, I use another account to watch. It should work with a trial. @Coach_Flo @THE_Nighttrain any additional insights?


Could also register one of your daughters for a kid’s Zwift account @Dean… you would have to log her in to the same event. The kid account wouldn’t expire after 30 days.


Brilliant Pat! I just researched the Kids account. Might even get a set up working somehow for her… Stay tuned.

As for training, I’m on independent study for a little while, rebuilding strength and endurance after weeks of Mono and a few weeks of vacation over the last few months. Had a good ride IRL today with my local squad who with our new members is stocked with at least 8 very solid riders. It making our club rides really classy having a nice group all at a strong level and all riding very smooth. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the Labs and on some ODZenturies as the colder weather sets in. @Coach_Theia if the next lab is the one where you bring it down and get the full body workouts in high gear, by all means I’ll jump back in. I’m currently working the body 2x + times per week and doing some of our basic lab work over again.

Keep me posted, I’ll jump back in!


Yes, that’s the plan for the next Lab, @Dean! Starts on Dec 10.


The other way to put emergency contact in phone is listing them as ICE then name and number.
We will search for ICE on a phone if someone is brought into ER unconscious, with no ID. Road ID is well worth the price. Many times bike is not near person, so only having ID on bikes is not the best way.


Great point, Linda. Drew and I have ICE on our phones and Road ID on our wrists.