Coaches Corner 42 - Withdrawing during an event, CBD use in sports


In today’s podcast, we covered:

  • Reasons for withdrawing during a race or event (other than safety or injury)
  • Recovery is best when you move around
  • CBD (cannabinoid) use in endurance sports
    And more!


It was mentioned that the show notes might contain reference to prior podcasts discussing recovery. Can you add them?

I know this would be a massive undertaking, at this point, now that there is a legitimate catalog of shows, but would it really be fantastic to have an index of topics, grouped by category. :heart_eyes:



Hi Angie, apologies if we forgot to include the links. They are listed below. Regarding cataloguing the shows, you could use the forum’s search engine, which is really good- once you type in a word to search, it will give you Advanced Options to narrow it down by category (i.e., Coaches Corner Podcast), etc. See example below.

Unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to catalogue all episodes by topi c, etc. Maybe some day!


Oh my goodness, I just now saw this reply! Love your idea of the advanced search - that should do the job just fine! Thanks!