Coaches Corner 41 - Post-Season Planning, Eating Enough


Join the Endurance Lab Coaches as we discuss:

  • If your main events of the season are behind you…. What’s next?
  • Start to plan early for the 2019 Season
  • Are you eating enough to support your training and recovery?
  • Cycling efficiency indoors vs. outdoors
    And more!

Please post your comments and questions below!


I added a little more around this important topic


I really liked this podcast regarding the off season and doing new things.
I just spent the past weekend at a mountain bike camp. We rode 9-4 both days, working on skills, sessioning climbs, jumps, and techniques. I didn’t use a HRM, bike computer and gasp no strava. It was wonderful!
While I like the structure of workouts and training for events, it’s good for the soul to ride - just because you love it!


Checking in on the listener challenge of the week… Who tried it?? Please share your comments!


@Coach_Ian. Ian- just to let you know I took one for the team this weekend and went on the “BEST” recovery ride this weekend. It was 52miles, 3 mandatory ice cream stops and a mandatory donut stop on the New Bedford coastline. Did I also mention it start and end Point was at a vineyard? I did my best to eat through all the checkpoints. After, we had the absolute best pizza with Linguica and peppers!


Wow! I am so impressed. I may have to find a way to join you next year.


Definitely a nutritionally anabolic session haha