Coaches Corner 39 - Failure, or is it? Plus Health Warning Signs


Hello Everyone! Check out the improved podcast now featuring the coaches’ lovely faces on YouTube! That’s right- no more recording on our PJ’s :smile:

Main topics of the week:

  • When health starts to crash, warning signs and what to do about it
  • Failure isn’t necessarily a failure in training and race outcomes
  • Indoor trainer vs. outdoor power meter -differences and how to adjust your training
    and more!

Please post your comments and questions below.


Thanks coaches! Another great coaches corner! Also fun to see all your smiling faces :grinning:


Thanks all for doing this, great info, so much that I will have to listen to it again. Andrea use a lot of big words that i will have to google later. :smile:

Andrea enjoy your trip to South Africa - You don’t have to take Polenta they have awesome white corn meal “Mielie Meel” (in big bags) , it is our staple.


Thanks so much for the shout out! Love listening to the coaches corner. You guys give us every tool to succeed in our events and I’m very thankful for being part of the Endurance Lab community.


Thanks Covi! We love to have you!