Coaches Corner 38 - Respecting the Process


In this fresh new episode of the Coaches Corner podcast we discuss:

  • How to come back after a long break from training
  • Power profiling, Zwift Academy “test” workouts, what do they mean?
  • Respecting the process and what it takes to achieve big goals
  • Air quality and deciding whether to ride outside (great article, @datadrivenathlete!)

Resources and articles mentioned on the podcast:

Ashley Horner -
Iron Cowboy -
Understanding Power Profiling -
Todays Plan Performance Index -
Suggested Weekly TSS And Target CTL -
Data Driven Athlete - Air quality for riding


yay, I missed you guys. Back soon. Enjoying the podcast as I write xx


Another good one coaches! As someone who has had bad seasonal allergies her entire life (and they have gotten worse the older I get), it really sucks! I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. I don’t like to let them ruin my all too short summers, but there are days when staying indoors and zwifting is definitely the best option.


You were brought up a couple times in the podcast. I have a new name for you- “The Iron Librarian”

I also learned that you always follow your coaches advice?!? :wink:


Why @Petals, you know I ALWAYS follow my coach’s advice! :grinning:

Maybe I will ride under the name of Iron Librarian next year instead of Synonym Roll. I was upset to discover there are quite a few people who do not know what a synonym is :cry:


When the smoke was bad in Bend, OR last summer, the school district came out with advise I thought gave a good perspective - Public Health Guidance for School Outdoor Activities During Wildfire Event.

The bike went on the trainer early this week due to air quality. AQI on Wed was over 150. We got a break today with marine air. Then, the winds are changing and the smoke blows back in Sunday.


That is a bummer. So sad about all the wild fires. Good thing we have zwift.


Re breathing and air quality i think it is always helpful ramp up your antioxidant intake from foods to mitigate extra reactive oxygen species from the deeper breathing, activity and air quality.

also allergies are always helped by working on your gut health. some foods that are helpful listed here.

hope this helps



Thanks for a very informative podcast. I found it reassuring to hear that taking it easy after being off the bike for some time is the right thing to do. My body told me to take it easy buy my mind wanted to push hard.