Coaches Corner 37 - Hydration, ERG, Training Zones


Welcome to Episode 37! We discuss:

  • Hydration and nutrition for 60-90 min workouts
  • Long endurance events/24h events
  • ERG vs. training skills for bike workouts
  • Training zones
    -Crit Racing at Cross Fit Games 2018

Workout Hydration -
-24hr Workout Hydration strategies -

Crit Race at Cross Fit Games 2018:


Thanks always nice to listen to you.

I found the part where you talked about being off the bike for some time and how to come back.
I was off for almost a month due to Sinus infection. My CTL went from 68 to 42. Coming back is hard, I feel like it is a balancing act to do not to much but also not to little.

This may be a good topic to discuss here or maybe in WUWP (whats up with power)


Thanks for your comment, Gerrie! Yes, coming back after several weeks due to illness requires proper ramping up, and you need to be patient as you slowly get back into it. We will take up your suggestion to include this topic in a future podcast.


Thanks Theia,

That will be awesome to get some guidance on how to plan getting back will be good, some data points to look at and what type of ramp rate to aim for.

Also the difference from being off the bike due to illness is different from being of while being on vacation.

Looking forward to listing to the next Podcast.


Hahaha! I just finally got the chance to listen and had no idea you all were talking about my race and fueling for long events! I’ve spent enough time working out the fueling and hydration and listened to you coaches talking about it enough that I can say that aspect of the race went great! So thank you for being so good about talking about this in general. There are a few tweaks I will make for next year in terms of flavor choices, but how I went about it all worked great.

It was other factors I have no experience with that gave me troubles. Like I should have changed my kit at some point, probably after 12-13 hours. And I had no idea the poor air quality during the night (smoke from fires out west) combined with being tired would make my eyes so blurry that I couldn’t read my bonus checkpoint sheet. I missed a bonus stop because of it. So then I had my husband, who met me now and then at one of the checkpoints, read me the stops and I tried to memorize them. It worked pretty well until I misremembered one of the addresses and was wandering around for 15 minutes looking for the stop before some other passing racers helped me out :crazy_face:

On a side note, I am grateful for all the off bike strength work you have us do because it made a HUGE difference in how strong I felt. My legs could keep doing their work efficiently because my core was holding me up and keeping me stable. This, however, doesn’t mean I won’t still grumble about push ups and flutter kicks but I now have proof that they really are useful! :smiley: