Coaches Corner 35 - Racing


The coaches do a roundtable about racing and cover:

  • Week and day before the race - training, mental preparation, state of mind (including the day of) / Visualization
  • Race reports and lessons learned
  • When something goes wrong (we all had something go wrong in our last event!)
  • Choosing events that play to your strengths (but trying new things in the process)
  • Recovery- how much time off/how many easy days?
  • Eating immediately after a race/event and recovery (more on that topic here: Post race or long event eating)


This was super fun; never ever racing with @Coach_Ian haha. legend!!

put a few thoughts together on recovery for everyone so you have it twice = remember it! watch @Coach_Flo video too on the nutrition thread.


Aquatic life generally doesn’t put much fear into me. I know that if certain things are present in the water, I won’t be. That’s not fear. That’s just being smart.


I was listening to this podcast driving to work this morning. You really sold us on this triathalon!

All the best laid plans!


Without adversity, there is no chance for growth!