Coaches Corner 31 - Why do you ride, train, race?


New podcast episode! Today, we cover:

  • Finding your “WHY”
  • Should you just stick with real food to fuel your race?
  • Why “steady state” riding isn’t effective- cycling is not a steady sport
  • Mechanical failures in a race - overcoming problems
    and more!


That was lots of fun to listen to! Good luck @cullenac! @Coach_Ian and @ELab, you two kind of scare me! I’m like Andrea and am usually smiling when I am racing. I may not be first over the line but I have a winning smile :grinning:


I was thinking the same thing about today’s podcast. I’m a little bit scared too. :joy:. Although my cyclocross nickname is “Elbows”.


LOL @Petals! Did you take lessons from Peter Sagan? :wink:


I think I turned into @Coach_Ian in my race yesterday on the swim and bike and entered a whole world of pain on the hill run. I wasn’t smiling and catching asses as much as normal it was survival and trying to shift focus to outside my body more than how connected I like to feel as I was just so hot and breathing off! I managed to get 3rd female in age group so absolutely delighted as didn’t expect that! Guess the mind trick of repeatedly counting to ten worked for the last 2 km. Can honestly say I gave my best.


Great job, Andrea! I knew you had an inner terminator hiding somewhere.


Congratulations on a great finish @cullenac!


Great job! The heat can really take its toll. Way to power through.


thanks so much folks, consistency pays off. :star_struck: i was probably at my most positive here, in utter disbelief that i swam in the lead pack and stayed there and even caught some of the stronger girls and I dont know how haha !


@cullenac Love seeing the pictures. Congratulations for 3rd place in age group. Wow!


And good shout on mech failures. Best one I had to fix was 23 miles (3 hours on rough MTB terrain from anywhere) with a chainring (single) falling off. Fixed by borrowing a spare bolt from a nearby motorbike marshal and zip ties … and completed the next 23 miles with chainring still on.
Always carrry zip ties !!! And good ones.


Agree with @ELab (obv !) re steady state comments. The sufferlandria workouts we did back in Feb when a bunch of us did the Tour of Sufferlandria, I think made a massive difference to me, and I like the changes we’re seeing more of in the Lab’s where we’ve sometimes got extra change ups here and there.