Coaches Corner 27 - VO2 and FTP, Fueling Enough on the Bike


Hello everyone! A fresh episode of the Coaches Corner podcast. This week we cover:

  • Training stress from VO2 does not depend on FTP
  • Are you fueling enough on the bike?
  • Carbs before/during a ride
  • Carbs recommendations
  • Back on the bike after an injury
  • Sportives/long rides/events on the weekends- before and after workouts

Please post your comments/questions below!


@ELab I have a feeling I may have contributed to this week’s content in the “what not to do before a ride” segment :joy:


I wasn’t naming anyone… :zipper_mouth_face::laughing:


Hahahaha! I’m sure I’ll get you some more content for next week’s episode after the big ride this weekend…stay tuned! :rofl:


Where is the best place to comment/ask a follow-up question? -Angie


In this thread, Angie!


haha, of course! I was thinking we needed to comment on the youtube video but that’s probably just for non-members. Whew!


You’re Famous! :star_struck:


Hey @Coach_Flo, can you post up the carb chart? There is a current “zwift coaching podcast” that is throwing a ton of carb numbers around that are just giving me a headache.


Full Credit to @datadrivenathlete for this great article!

Here we go:
The Full Article here:

Full chart here:


Another great podcast :+1: I hadn’t realised signs of bonking included negative thoughts…An eye opener which made me realise I had a bonk on my last big ride (102 miles) - started to focus on every ache and pain, got annoyed with anyone riding near me and spent a good 10 minutes cursing under my breath about the guy I was riding with! Will revisit my nutrition strategy for this weekends sportive :thinking:


Citation 1 was the person the “other” podcast was interviewing.


Asker Jeukendrup has a good website- he uses a lot of summary charts to illustrate the various topics:


LOL @Petals - for all the wrong reasons! :rofl:


Some of us are put on Earth to show others what NOT to do. :crazy_face: