Coaches Corner 20 - Training, Overreaching and Nutrition

Hello everyone! Check out the new episode of the Coaches’ Corner! Today, we discuss:

  • Combining events and racings with training
  • Preventing overreaching in intense training periods (rest and nutrition)
  • Climbing tips
  • Sleeping tools for athletes
    And more!

Please post comments and questions below! Available shortly in iTunes and other podcast apps.


Here is more info about the effects that blue light has on our sleep and wake patterns and how we can influence them to our advantage to reach our recovery goals:

The 2 sides of blue light:
To wake up and give you energy

To rest and recover and get more sleep:

Coach Andrea’s talk on preventing overreaching:

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it was so great to be back on the show; what a great episode. best of luck for the weekend training everyone x

I put some words to the advice if this is helpful

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i found the discussion about climbing very interesting. as a smallie and a newbie i have been guilty of taking on the hill because with my light weight i make ground and am useless on the descent so you gave me some food for thought. the energy cost of climbing does it still apply for all weights? can some of us push a little more or are we advised to hold back somewhat and then crest and go. very interesting! My own VO2 max testing shows i have very fast heart rate recovery but just because i can return to easy breathing very quickly doesnt mean i have escaped more fatigue in the legs i am assuming.

also something that i wanted to throw to all the coaches @Coach_Ian @Coach_Flo @ELab on the discussion was about massage.
massage is good, we all enjoy it. but lately myself and garron have had two dreadful days in how we felt after a fairly vigorous sports massage. he actually had headaches and a 24 hour viral gastro thing and i had a feeling terrible day (spaced out). we both eat super well! i wondered to myself can a hard massage actually move too much (from fascia into the lymph)? or in the case of some harsh therapists create more muscle damage?
has anyone experienced this?

obviously hydration is important after a massage. i would have been on top of this.

sometimes the body needs gentle, easy not vigorous stretching and massage. altthough a hard massage may feel heroic is it smart?

personally i find a gentler massage sort of brings my mind into my body and where i need to do some releasing work myself. and brings my attention to where i am holding life stress. so i use my mind to do some work if this makes sense once i have more awareness of what the body is feeling. sometimes we think we are body aware… and body work reminds us there is always more we can do to bring recovery and release stress and tension.


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Hey Andrea, about climbing… You can certainly make headway as a lighter/faster climber when riding in a group so that you are ahead when the group crests and starts to descend and you can make up for not going down as fast as the heavier riders. Having said that, you need to be careful in doing that, because it can fail if you don’t time it properly- so it’s a little risky. It also depends whether you are in a group ride vs a race. Lastly, the lighter rider is not always the fastest. There is a lot of technique and pedal efficiency that comes into play.

Regarding the massage- I have done a few with massage therapists and physical therapists, some more aggressive than others. Too strong of a massage can release toxins into the body, so it sounds like that’s what happened with the headache you got. In terms of recovery- even though massages are incredibly popular- it is more of a psychological benefit than a physiological one. Studies failed to show actual increased recovery from massages. Sleeping, eating well are all more efficient than a massage. Massage might help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), but that is not the same as recovery/repair. Here are two such studies. I’d say save your money! and

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i tend to agree…i think trigger point work and mind body awareness is a big benefit to a massage. but not a harsh one.


I loved this weeks coaches corner; lots of really useful info and things to think about.
I really struggle with sleep and have tried lots of things to help. My most recent purchase is a Himalayan salt lamp - I was pretty sceptical at first but found it’s really helping, I have it as the only light in my bedroom for 15 or 20 mins before I switch off and drift off


Just caught up with this yesterday - thanks for the shout-out! Love the podcast; I listen while doing workouts.

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i love the salt lamps. i have a white one, and i have about 5 selenite lamps scattered between home and my clinic. for me they create a nicer light and well ‘energy’. in fact i have crystals everywhere!! here are some pics


the bottles are not vodka i drank!! I actually also make plant and tree essences for emotional support


Andrea, do you like Feng Shui? I had the home I currently live in decorated by an interior designer who follows Feng Shui- funny that I did not know that at the time I hired him- and I believe it makes a difference! Although there are some creepy tales from the beginning when we first moved in that I believe had to do with cleaning up the previously negative energy of the place!! We should have a different podcast on this stuff! :rofl:

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That is an impressive collection of crystals. And I love the metal sculptures :grin:

Really good podcast today guys , what you did talk about was just what i have been battling for the last part of mars i have not really put my finger on why all did go bad in the workouts, i have some allergys that messes with me from time to time. So think that can have something to do with it to, but i am in my second week of hard week, and hard for me is 600 tss or more. My first 600 tss week i was beat by sunday, but that first week must have done me good this week i have feelt so strong specially by the end of the weeks, i can tell my fitness is coming up. Like today i could even add on 5% on my workout by the end of it, made it really hard but i could gut it out to end. I should have had a off day today but i feel so good i want to try and use it , so what ever i can do sunday will be a bonus for this week, my last planed workout i will do tomorrow, so sunday i might do some light endurance riding with the odzentury guys, if i am not to dead that is. Did talk to Justin when we did wagon man he is a beast his fitness score is of the chart, he have 100% more then me lol but he is 200% bettter then me so i guess it adds up lol . Next week will be my last 600 tss week then it will be a bit more easy workouts until my race / group ride i will do 13 may, will try and be in my best shape for it. :slight_smile:

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make sure to ease up somewhat after the tough weeks to let the body adapt… the coaches i am sure will have built this into the plan. when we are easing up sometimes we get antsy to do more… and its best to stick to the rest plan because it pays in a mega fitness gain.

yes i love my crystals!!

I havent done feng shui @ELab and i do believe energy is everything in a room and house… some buildings have a massive energy given their history. both in the building and in the land. I have some stories for another show :rofl:

podcast is great; just listened back in so much info in there. was fun too.


talking about the mind, on hard zwift races a water mist may help :slight_smile:

Oh man this is a rabbit hole for sure. My wifes mom does this as well as reads the lunar calendar and stars. Needless to say the birth our son was highly encouraged to align him as a strong energy leader. We also have a great assortment or mirrors to shift energy, and recommendations of correct placement of beds, desk and all the sort all around the house.