Coaches Corner 18 - Sprints, pacing in multi-sports, hydration

This week’s podcast is packed with great information as we start the Performance Lab. We cover:

  • Sprints: form, indoors vs. outdoors, standing vs. seated
  • Multi-sport: run/walk for longer runs, getting multiple gears on the swim
  • Importance of hydration
  • Pre and post-workout nutrition

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After having listening the Coaches Corner, for those who use garmin watch, there a good app in Garmin IQ called « TrainingPeaks daily workout ».
It download all the workout with a ntervall directly on your watch or Garmin computer. I always use it on treadmills to follow the workout or outside run as well. And yesterday, i use it to to follow right power on Zwift 883 workout being out of workout but with resistance on my kickr. Works great!



Hi Stephane! I couldn’t find that app for my watch (Vivoactive HR) - which watch do you have? Also, do you broadcast your HR from your watch to the laptop? If so, you can move away from that screen to the daily workout screen?? If there’s a way to get both of these details to work, it will be amazing- thanks!

You’re right Angie,
The app work for all Edge, Fenix and Forerunner. No vivoactive :frowning:
You could wright to the programmer. I did that for 1-2 app or watchface at start of the Garmin iq store and the programmer did it for my device too.