Can I ask about the ODivaZ winter series?


Im trying to figure out how it works. Since I wasn’t able to make the first two races, yesterdays was my first one. How many races will there be overall? We race all as one mass start, but then do we get scored based on what Zwift Power has us categorized as?
I tried to look around for more info, which may be somewhere but I wasn’t successful which is why I ask here.


Hi Kiersten,

There are 6 races in the series, and your best 5 results count. Point structure is very simple:
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the first five places in each category. So yes, you score based on the categories in Zwift Power (also included in the race description).

You may check the standings by category at any time in Zwift Power:

Feel free to ask any other questions!


Thanks Theia. My brain was trying to over complicate things and thought there had to be more to it!!