ATP event questions


Am reading and learning about annual training plans, particularly in Training Peaks. I have a question about A, B, C events. I have read the other thread discussion about important all out (maybe 2 per year), lesser, and train through. I don’t race IRL and just have fun on Zwift races in the D category. IRL i do ride events and want to be at appropriate training for them. For example, a 100 mile ride in August (would like to finish) and several multi day events that will require a lot of effort with hills. And then, smaller things where I would just like to be able to stay with friends longer. Should I categorize those A, B, C (in order discussed)? And how does one enter a multi day (5-6) event? Thanks


Joan, so it just depends on how you want to set up your training. If you have an event that you really want to target, whether it is a goal time or just to finish, then put that as an A event. What that does is your training will be focused on building for the one or two key events each year. That means your recovery time will be set in the plan when it is the optimal time to take it. Likewise, targeting and event or two allows for progressive and logical building.

For the multi day event, TP doesn’t really have a good mechanism for that. I would say that you can pick the key day, usually the hardest stage or the most critical one, and call that the A event. The days around that will just fall into the race-week plan.


To add to @Coach_Ian’s comment, regarding B and C events:

  • for B events you would build some rest the week before the event
  • for C events you just continue your training without any specific rest or taper, but need to be careful about recovery, depending on the type of event