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Great info, Andrea!


I’m really struggling with snacking during the day and I’m pretty sure it’s because my breakfast isn’t setting me up well enough (and working from home is giving me access to too many snack options). I got bored of porridge/oatmeal so have gone back to bad habits of puffed rice cereal.
Any suggestions for quick but nutritious breakfast options that will suit my gluten, dairy and processed sugar free needs? (Plus I’m allergic to mushrooms so we can’t go all funghi)


I find that if I eat something that tastes sweet for breakfast (oatmeal, bananas, etc) but I am not going to workout right after, I feel hungry every 30 minutes and it’s annoying… So on the days I don’t workout in the morning I focus on savory foods. In addition, you probably need more protein for breakfast- I’d say 15-20 grams. Puffed rice cereal is almost like eating “air” btw, so it’s no surprise you feel hungrier (some insulin spike in there too). Suggestions are eggs with GF toast or fruits, the awesome bars you make and a few slices of turkey, etc. So a slow-release carb with protein is what I’d aim for.


@Michelle, to build on Theia’s comments, which are spot on, maybe some protein would help. I love my two-egg omelette with some cheese, chicken or turkey (sub your fav vegan alternative), and avocado. Keeps me full for at least a couple of hours.


Buckwheat groats make a fantastic breakfast. Add in nut butter and seeds, non-dairy milk and fruit and it’s really filling. You could probably mix in some protein powder too for a little extra boost. Tofu scramble is a great breakfast. There is also a garbanzo omelette if you don’t want eggs