Android podcast assistance

My regular podcast app, Pocket Casts, does not pick up the endurance lab podcasts in a timely manner. For example, there was a Coach’s Corner put out 3 days ago- #12/Life Happens - that I can see on YouTube but has not made it to any of the Android podcast apps that I just tried to download. I really don’t like watching it in YouTube because if I have to flip back to the Zwift app then it stops the video and won’t replay it unless YouTube is the application in the foreground, not Zwift. Anyone have any advice?


I apologize the podcast have been slow for the last 2 weeks. My schedule has gotten busier than I hoped for. I will try to get it up tonight if not it will be first thing tomorrow. I have to strip audio and make the podcast version.

Ok podcast should be available in your app within 30 minutes if it’s not already there.

Hey Bob! Thanks so much! Mystery solved! I certainly didn’t realize additional work was needed to cross over. I really appreciate it and now I know, if there’s a laptop in the future and I’ll just “suffer” watching You Tube, ha!