Accountability for staying the course

Thank goodness my half marathon is this next weekend and will be behind me! The rest and low intensity I’ve had to pad my schedule with in order to guard my hip was not worth the break from the workouts, IMO.

I’m excited to get back into full swing with the next session! To keep on track and not slack off (I think I’m beyond my hurdle of low motivation, now), I’m wondering if there’s a way to build in accountability. In the past Labs, in 2017, the methods varied from team points to individual points to rating the workouts to providing Strava file links. Doing something small (really anything) gives me external motivation to get it done. I know some folks don’t need that layer but it definitely lights a fire for me. Thoughts?



Thanks for that feedback, Angie. We will take that on and get back to you shortly.

Good luck this weekend!! Let us know how it goes!

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those GREEN training peaks boxes!!


Angie, good luck. Remember to go out way easier than you think. The adrenaline will et you out the gate at a faster pace than is normally comfortable, but the excitement will make you think you feel good. That is your brain lying to you. Trust me. Your brain and body sometimes lie and conspire against you. They can be evil. Trust your pacing plan and ruthlessly stick to it, or even err on the side of caution. Let us know how it goes.

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Well, I was trying to stick with the pacer for my goal pace and she couldn’t get her Garmin to register so we went out too fast for the first two miles! I let her go and settled in but we had quite the winds to battle and my mental game started to waiver at mile 7 and form at mile 9. I am pretty physically beat up but it was my farewell to Long.

Hi Theia, Have you had a chance to consider an option for checking in, for those of us needing accountability? (Am I the only one?! :astonished:) Thanks!! -Angie

Yes- we will have something!! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Checking in, again… I’m on the fence for signing up because I am gone every weekend in April, which was not a good recipe, this past Lab, leading to missing nearly half if the Lab because of how I felt when I got behind (and other factors, of course). I have a team camp in a month that I would love to feel ready for, though. We leave for Fruita today so I probably won’t have connectivity until mid-week.

Hi Angie, the workouts right now are scheduled for Tue/Thu/Sat (short- only 60-75 min intensity rides), Sun (longer endurance/tempo). If you will be off the bike on the weekends but can workout during the week, then we could have you workout Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri- and that should be just fine. You have been training for a while, and can handle the back to back days; plus, the workouts are just about 1h long in this Lab.

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I think there was a lot of good in what we did last year where there was so much chat about the workouts, the vast majority of people were uploading a Strava or TP link, so this is a good call from the OP.
Some of this might be everyone’s different goals of course I don’t know.
That was certainly a fun aspect last year.

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I think that the google drive link got posted. If not, it will be up shortly. Also, we can create a thread for the screen shot postings if you would like. Lately, my bike workouts have not really been worth posting, as I have been putting more emphasis on the swim and running speed. Bike has been a lot of endurance and volume.

It has Ian. It’s definitely there.
I think it’s the spirit of thing maybe here. We based two of the early ‘labs’ last year around this as a concept. And it created some fun for me.
I think it might be as much up to us as participants to generate the interest.
Maybe pick up with you directly and @Coach_Flo

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