A comprehensive guide to Zwift Workouts


@Coach_Theia put together a comprehensive article on how to use Zwift Workouts. Here is what it covers:

1. What you need to know before you start a Zwift Workout or Training Plan

2. Workouts and training plans available to Zwift subscribers and how to use them

3. Custom workouts that anyone can download and use on Zwift (like the Endurance Lab)

4. How to:

  • Create your own Zwift workouts
  • Load custom and third party workouts and training plans into Zwift
  • Upload completed Zwift workouts to TrainingPeaks, Today‚Äôs Plan and other fitness applications
  • Participate in group training plans with other athletes in Zwift



I believe that @Coach_Theia may win a Peabody for the article.