30 Bike Hacks Every Cyclist Should Know

Which is the one that suprised you the most?


I carry a $20 and a $1. … nobody uses a $20 for a tire boot unless they own a monocal.


cant wait to see how Coach @Coach_Ian uses hack number 2 the handlebar bag in a neat way to get aero ,… will he get into it?

Umm…no. I don’t use a handlebar bag. That is just wrong, @cullenac.

Coozie Storage -Beer coozies make a great way of storing a folded tire, … for containing a rolled-up inner tube in a saddlebag or tool shed.

A foam or neoprene coozie is bulky. Not sure why I would use it to fold up a tire for a saddlebag. If I were to take a folded tire, I would put it into a zip lock bag and remove all the air to make it as small as possible.

The helmet as a ‘lock’ is interesting. I have not heard of someone doing this. If I wanted to do this, I might as well bring a light weight cord and tie it around the bike. Easy to cut with scissors, but stops someone who wants to just grab and go the bike.

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