2 sets of carbon Reynolds wheels for sale

I need to sell these wheels so I can pick up some Campy Bora Ultras! Both of these wheelsets are the higher end Reynolds wheels that use DT Swiss 240 hubs. All 4 wheels are true and spin forever. I have two Campy freehubs (with lockrings) and two Shimano/Sram freehubs, and 4 used 4 new Campy brake pads, and 4 used 4 new Shimano brake pads.

The 32s are clinchers and come with the stock lightweight skewers, rim strips, Reynolds-specific brake pads, and either Campy or Shimano/Sram freehubs (or both!). There are a few nicks in the stickers here and there, and 3 spokes on the rear wheel have marks from the chain coming off the inner cog when my derailleur hanger got bent once. They function perfectly and look great! I believe they are just under 1400 grams for the set.

The 46s are tubulars with a Continental Sprinter rear tire and Veloflex Extreme front. Both tires have tons of tread but probably should be re-glued. These also come with the stock lightweight skewers, brake pads, and either Campy or Shimano/Sram (or both) freehubs. The stickers have some nicks in them and the carbon fairing on the rear wheel has a crack in it when it was hit by another racer - this is just cosmetic, not structural. I raced with these wheels for two seasons after it happened with no problems whatsoever. These wheels are really light - under 1300 grams.

I also have a Reynolds double wheel bag with a shoulder strap and interior zippered compartment. Much nicer than lugging loose wheels around!

I paid $1800 per wheelset, and DT Swiss 240 hubs alone are $580 for a set from Wheelbuilder.com. I’d like to get $850 per wheelset and $40 for the bag. I’d be willing to work out a package deal if you wanted both wheelsets - you know, clinchers to train on and tubulars for the races!